Small hand tractor cultivator

US $ 2000 / Set

Min. Order : 1 unit

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  • Type:
    Walking Tractor
  • Brand Name:
  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
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  • Production Capacity:
    2000 Set/Sets per Month

Product Details

    Product Description

    Walking Tractor power tiller is dual-function product that can be operated as the towing machine as well as driving machine. It has small and compact structure, light weight, reliable performance, long service life,easy operation and good running ability, also they are be assemble a seating equipment for driver.The power tiller is suitable for working in paddy field, dry field, orchard, greenhouse, hilly field. With matched accessories and farm implement, they can be used for ploughing,harrowing,seeding, cultivating, harvesting,drilling, ditching, transporting, irrigating, sprinkling, spraying, threshing,milling,and so on.



    Walking tractor has light weight, compact model, flexible operation, the advantages of strong adaptability, with different agricultural machinery, tillage, rotary, level off, can be a variety of field operations, such as the broken soil, deserve to go up the trailer, but also for short-distance transport. Field operations, because the speed is slow, generally is not easy to an accident, and engaged in road transport, should pay special attention to two aspects of steering and connection of security issues.

    Attention to the problem. It is not as far as possible when starting to; 2 it is to run on the flat road or ascent, need to turn to one side, hold on the side of the steering handle, the side of the steering clutch, cut off the side of the driving force, the side of the wheel speed is lower than the other side of the wheel speed, the tractor can be done smoothly to; Three is to problems on your way down. Need to turn to one side, you should hold on the other side of the steering handle, is called "reverse turn"; Four is reduced when the throttle is similar to basic on your way down, should try to avoid turning.

    To pay attention to the problem of connection, in the process of the use of vehicles should always check whether the connection is firm and reliable. In the process of road transport, such as connection unstable or connecting pin sets such as weld cracking phenomenon, should be timely repair, avoid connecting pin drops or connection pin set of fracture, locomotive and car bucket separation.



    Walking tractor trailers, can field transport operations, can also be run on the highway transportation in general with 12 horsepower walking is 1 ton of uniaxial small trailer, the maximum load for 1 ton. Tractor shall be fitted with the direction of the arrow and the mirror. Also can be folded tillage operation, rotary tillage operations, planting operation, harvesting operations, trenching operation, irrigation and threshing operation, etc.


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